Michael Westen stares down the camera in this shot from Burn Notice. It's courtesy of the episode "Hard Time."
It's time to take a stand, Jesse. This is a scene from the fourth season finale of Burn Notice.
Jay Karnes is seen here on the Burn Notice episode "Dead or Alive." He's a fantastic actor.
This is a scene from the episode "Dead or Alive." In it, our favorite trio contemplates its next move.
Michael and Fiona have a lot to decide on Burn Notice: what should they do with vital government documents?
Nate and Michael make for a handsome pair, don't they? The former is back on the episode "Brotherly Love."
Run, Michael, run! This is a photo from the Burn Notice episode "Brotherly Love."
Pictured in this Burn Notice scene: Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne, Seth Peterson as Nate Westen and Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen.

Burn Notice Quotes

We took his phone and locked him in a trunk. You think he reported this with telepathy?


Jesse: Well, they missed a good funeral. Where do you think they are?
Sam: Hard to say. A lot of places in the world with C4 and yogurt. We'll be here for them. They will contact us when the time is right. Got any plans?
Jesse: Not really no. You?
Sam: I'm supposed to meet a guy at the Carlito later. Friend of Elsa's.
Jesse: What about?
Sam: I don't know, some kind of problem. Sounded pretty desperate on the phone. Wanna come with?
Jesse: You buying the Mojitos?
Sam: Deal.

Burn Notice Music

  Song Artist
Song Fun In The Islands Rene Van Verseveld
Song Synthetic Beat Chamber
Song CMP5131 Out Of Range Noizy Ninja