Hey! Look at that! Jon Snow is alive and hopefully well on Game of Thrones.
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You know everything, Melisandre. The Red Woman was able to bring Jon Snow back to life on Game of Thrones.
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Considering Bran returned, it was only obvious that Meera would be returning. She's done a lot of growing up in her absence. Not Melisandre amounts of growing up, but she looks way more maturer.
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Alliser is not playing tricks. He wants Jon Snow's body in order to put this chapter behind the Night's Watch, but no one will want to give it up.
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Edd will be sticking with Jon Snow until the bitter end. Even if that means losing his life by not handing over Jon Snow's corpse.
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Bran Stark is finally back, but is he any closer to settling that score with Jaime Lannister?
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Varys and Missandei still don't know what the best course of action is in their Queen's absence. Will Tyrion hold the clues?
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This father and daughter never seem to see eye-to-eye about anything, but we can only imagine they're arguing about Theon.
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Arya was absent from the Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere. But she's back on episode 2!
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With Ramsey's men after them, they must keep quiet or face his wrath.
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This doesn't bode to well, does it? The photo is taken from "A Golden Crown."
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Jon has grown up a lot over the course of Game of Thrones season one. This is your first look at him from season two.
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