The main characters of the glee club practice a song during the show's premiere episode. It debuted immediately following the finale of American Idol's eighth season.
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It's a mighty big day on Glee. Brittany is getting married to Santana! Hooray!
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Santana and Brittany tie the know on Glee. "Wedding" is the eighth episode of the show's sixth season.
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Finn and Rachel have grown into a steady couple on season two of Glee. We're very happy to see that.
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Sebastian causes some major havoc on the episode "Michael." He faces off against Santana here.
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Rachel must be in cloud nine right now. She's seen here dancing with Finn.
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The cast of Glee takes a break from filming. They've gotta eat in order to have enough energy for various dance numbers.
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Mathew and Sue have a disagreement on Glee. "Child Star" is the ninth episode of the show's sixth season.
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You know, the New York Times said, um, half the increase in support of gay marriage is due to generational turnover. That's what smart people call 'crazy, uptight bitches dying.' You guys lost, okay? And honestly the rest of us are just going about our business being normal and waiting for you not to be around, and not because you can stop us from getting married, but because you're kind of annoying.


I just want somebody to love me.