Note to the Leverage casting director: very solid choice in selecting Jeri Ryan for the recurring role of Tara Cole.
Jeri Ryan came aboard Leverage during the show's second season. She's a welcome, recurring addition to the cast.
This is what Eliot Spencer does so well. He's the muscle on the Leverage team.
We sort of like this look on Nate. He should go with it at all times.
Nate is seen here - in disguise, of course - in a photo from "The Runway Job," the first new Leverage episode of 2010.

Leverage Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sophie: The last time one of you tried to grift, you wound up kidnapped by Russians.
Eliot: That's this brother right here.
Parker: Hardison.
Alec: Uh, we--we still can't let that go?

Sophie: Look, we didn't get along when we first started. Eliot, how long did it take before you trusted me? Hmm? Eliot, you do trust me, don't you.
Eliot: That's not the point, Sophie.