Sherlock and Watson are back for more! This is a teaser photo for Season 3.
This is a scene from "The Reichenbach Fall." It's the second season finale of Sherlock.
It's another complicated case for Sherlock and Watson, as you're looking at a photo from "The Hounds of Baskerville."
Sherlock and Watson are needed on a case. The former just needs to put his clothes on first.

Sherlock Season 2 Quotes

Sherlock Holmes: Oh, John, I envy you so much.
Dr. John Watson: You envy me?
Sherlock Holmes: Your mind, it's so placid, straight-forward, barely
used. Mine's like an engine, racing out of control. A rocket, tearing
itself to pieces, trapped on the launch pad. I need a case!

Somebody loves you! If I had to punch that face, I'd
avoid the nose and teeth too.

Irene Adler