Bill and Sookie have a lot of trust issues. They try to deal with them on the season three finale.
Is being a fairy lame? Maybe, but it does give Sookie unique powers
Here lies Russell on the True Blood season three finale. He's exposed to the sunlight.
Ouch! Eric has seen better days. But he's willing to die of sunlight if it means taking Russell along with him.
What a great addition Russell Edgington has been to True Blood. It's been the perfect season three villain.
Sookie has seen better days. She reacts here to being held prisoner in the basement of Fangtasia.
Sookie is tied up and Bill is desperate to come to her rescue on the episode "Fresh Blood." Won't these lovers ever have one peaceful day together?!?
Russell is never afraid to bare his fangs on True Blood. Pity whoever is the focus of his attack.

True Blood Quotes

Pam: You picking up what I'm putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I'll be back tomorrow for the money.

Will you be my vampire bride?

Franklin [to Tara]

True Blood Music

  Song Artist
Good behaviour Good Behaviour Powersolo iTunes
Pistol whip me Pistol Whip Me Acumen Nation iTunes
Crazed country rebel Crazed Country Rebel Hank Williams III iTunes