A handsome photo of Milo Ventimiglia. Then again, aren't all pictures of this Heroes star handsome?
Milo Ventimiglia is featured in the March 2008 issue of GQ. Here's a shot of the Heroes hottie from the publication's photo shoot.
Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia attended a black tie affair, sponsored by NBC, in mid-February 2008. This couple appears to be truly happy together and we wish them the best.
Here's one of our favorite pictures of Milo Ventimiglia.
With Heroes still on hiatus due to the writers' strike, Milo Ventimiglia has signed on to star in a new movie. It's called Armored.
Looking handsome as always, Milo Ventimiglia is still in the news, even as Heroes is off the air. He has a big career ahead of him.
Milo Ventimiglia stares at the camera. Simple. Straightforward. As handsome as it gets.
Here's the cover of October's Prestige magazine. As usual, Milo Ventimiglia looks rather dapper on it.

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