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Leighton Meester on the Gossip Girl set. What a beautiful young actress, and always up to date on the latest fashions!

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i actually adore the outfit, very spring/summer
its just if her hair was out in her usual style it would look 100 times better :)


i hate the hair ad the outfit, leighton still gorgeous though


Leighton looks beautiful in whatever she wears....
Have to admitt I am not liking the hairstyle or the outfit... actually I am hating the whole look altogether! It doesn't seem very Blair, though she still pulls it off and manages to look stylish ... GAHHHH!!!! lol


i wonder where she's going? why doesnt serena dress up more. she looks sloppy


i agree with Anne its far from her best. and you cant just like an ugly outfit just becuase the designer is ususaly gifted.


what is she wearing?
sorry if it offense u guys,
but, it's not her best. love chloe but not this outfit


Love the outfit !


seriously, what is up with the hair?


this is a look from the Clhoe spring09 collection. yay. i love Clhoe


Totally gorgeous
sexy kitten meow

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