The Cast of Suits
The Cast of Suits: Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams

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Her name is Vanessa Ray, I think she has potential.


I am trying to remember where I have seen the actress that plays Mike's pot selling friend's girlfriend. I didn't see her name in the credits or on any Google listings for Suits. Why are they treating her like a non-factor.

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Suits Quotes

The longer you go, the less the money matters. The food doesn't taste as good. The cars aren't fast enough. The view isn't high enough. And finally, you realize that you would trade it all in for one night of going to bed, where you don't have to worry, 'When are they going to come for me?'


How dare you defile Game of Thrones by comparing Harvey to Jon Snow.