Wonderful and Sweet
To us, it doesn't get better than Ellen Pompeo. This Grey's Anatomy star lights up the screen as Meredith Grey and is one of our favorite celebs in real life.

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i think she looks so sweet in this pic she and mcdreamy make the perfect couple though in the first season last episode when we find out derek has a girlfriend i was hurt he was supposed to be the perfect guy or at least he should have told meredirth about addisonbut i still love them together a total greysaholic til death!!!the chemistry between them seems so real


oh and by the way, i'm McObsested! i thought McSeriously Obsested was cooler!


HA!! i have taht picture on my camera! i took it from this site! pretty despriate? HU!
love always Syd


i love her smile!!

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Amelia: I think I'm falling in love with Owen Hunt, and I'm really afraid that it's gonna destroy me.
Derek: It wouldn't be love if it didn't.

When we say things like "people don't change" it drives scientist crazy because change is literally the only constant in all of science. Energy. Matter. It's always changing, morphing, merging, growing, dying. It's the way people try not to change that's unnatural. The way we cling to what things were instead of letting things be what they are. The way we cling to old memories instead of forming new ones. The way we insist on believing despite every scientific indication that anything in this lifetime is permanent. Change is constant. How we experience change that's up to us. It can feel like death or it can feel like a second chance at life. If we open our fingers, loosen our grips, go with it, it can feel like pure adrenaline. Like at any moment we can have another chance at life. Like at any moment, we can be born all over again.