Snow Patrol

  Song Heard On
Song Take Back the City
Gossip Girl
Season 2 Episode 7: "Chuck in Real Life"
Snow patrol called out in the dark Called Out In The Dark
Grey's Anatomy
Season 8 Episode 14: "All You Need Is Love"
Crack the shutters Crack the Shutters
Season 1 Episode 15: "Help Me, Rhonda"
Give me strength Give Me Strength iTunes
Open your eyes Open Your Eyes iTunes
Make this go on forever Make This Go On Forever iTunes
Shut your eyes Shut Your Eyes iTunes
Snow patrol new york New York
The Vampire Diaries
Season 4 Episode 10: "After School Special"
Snow patrol the weight of love The Weight Of Love
Grey's Anatomy
Season 8 Episode 18: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
The planets bend between us The Planets Bend Between Us
Grey's Anatomy
Season 5 Episode 16: "An Honest Mistake"
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