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The-mating-game-1 The Mating Game Bitter:Sweet iTunes
Song The Time is Now Moloko
Song Theme From Chalets The Chalets
Song Running On Sunshine Jesus Jackson
Open-your-eyes Open Your Eyes Snow Patrol iTunes
Crashing-down Crashing Down Mat Kearney iTunes
All-i-need All I Need Mat Kearney iTunes
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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

CRISTINA: Oh you're one to talk. Sleeping with 2 men.
MEREDITH: Wrong. Not sleeping with either one of them. Not until I pick one. If I haven't made a decision by the end of the day, I'm flipping a coin. A girl can only hold out for so long.
CRISTINA: And somehow I'm the dirty stripper? Huh?!
MIRANDA: You two have time to round or are you too busy getting naked on hospital property?
CRISTINA: I wasn't naked. I wasn't naked!

MEREDITH: It's not Tyler's fault you're a dirty, dirty stripper.
CRISTINA: You heard?
MEREDITH: Everyone heard. Stripper.

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