Alex, Noma and Pete arrived in New Delphi and met civilized 8-balls on Dominion Season 2 Episode 2. Meanwhile in Vega, Claire framed David. Find out how in our review.
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On Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 5, the two different factions of domers continue their power struggle thanks to Christine. Why is she so important?
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On Graceland Season 3 Episode 4, Briggs puts his plan to frame Ari Adamain for murder into motion. The team bands together to pull it off. Will they all make it out alive?
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After their breakup, Joss and Harry find themselves rebounding in different ways on Mistresses Season 3 Episode 6, while Calista plots to expose Luca. Read on for the review.
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On Complications Season 1 Episode 6, Gretchen heads to a gang neighborhood to save a boy while the Gang Task Force questions John about his suspicious activity.
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