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After 5 seasons of Drop Dead Diva, Grayson finally knows the truth about Jane. Now that he's asked her on a real date and wants to get to know the real her, will the viewers be happy?

  • The Strip Club Suit
  • The Strip Club Suit
  • The Strip Club Suit
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How Did You Feel About the Drop Dead Diva Series Finale?

The Drop Dead Diva series finale is sure to leave fans with mixed reactions. What was yours?

Was Quitting the Right Move for Jane?

Jane up and quit her job at the end of Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 12. Was it the right decision?

What happens next for Jane and Ian?

Now that Jane's gotten Ian off death row and cleared his name where does their relationship go next?

Was Fred a Bad Guardian Angel?

Grayson met Jane's old guardian angel, Fred. Fred claimed he wasn't the best of guardians. So do you agree with him?

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