When exchanging names at the bar, did Ivy and Dev realize their connection?

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    i hope karen and dev don't break up. they are such a good couple!! dev made a mistake, but karen is a forgiving and understanding person....she(eventually) accepted his proposal, even though he did not tel her about him sleeping with ivy (he was about to after church though). i don't know where this show is heading but i hope that karen gets to play marilyn (or maybe they should play marilyn every other night) and i hope karen does not start dating derek (it sort of looks that way) and i hope karen and dev get engaged (pleease!). is dev's full name devon or what?


    Keep forgetting they just cut off comments after so many characters. Ivy's worst enemy is not Karen. She just needs to look in the mirror to find out who is. As for Julia, I'm not sure if her not wanting Michel to come back is because she doesn't trust herself or she just doesn't want to put Leo and Frank through knowing she is working again with the guy she had an affair(s) with. The fact that they are going with her to Boston make make for some interesting confrontations. Actually, I wouldn't mind if Frank took another swing at Michael. Or maybe Michael's wife will show up and Michael has told her about the affair and she takes a swing at Julia. Regardless, if they have Julia fool around with Michael again, even in the slightest, I think it would be a big mistake. She has acknowledged she made a huge mistake and now realizes (as most cheating spouses do)just how important her family is too her. Why turn her back into a swooning 16-year old who doesn't think about the consequences of their actions? That would be just plain stupid.


    Sadly, This show's main theme is starting to become more about who's cheating on who than the production of a Broadway musical. Don't know if I agree that Derek falls for whoever is playing Marilyn, but it's an interesting theory. Me, I tend to go with he's just a real a**hole. Dev and Ivy? That's more than bizarre and a little too soap opera-like for my tastes. As for Dev proposing to Karen, I wasn't surprised he did it or that she said no (sorry, not yes or no). He was seeing the one thing that was good in his life slipping away. After Karen didn't say yes (or no) and failed to appreciate his honesty about RJ (go figure), he got a major case of "my life sucks/no one appreciates me blues. I'm still not sure either Ivy or Dev knew who the other was at the bar, but I agree with you. If either did, it does take their sleeping together to a whole new level of disgusting. One thing I am really getting fed up with is Ivy treating Karen like she is the Queen B****. She needs to take a hard look at herself and the poor decisions she has been making lately. Karen is not her worst enemy. She only has to look in the mirror to see who is. As for Julia's fear (?) of having to work with Michael again, I'm not sure if she doesn't trust herself or she doesn't want to put Frank and Leo through the trauma of her knowing she is going to be around him again. Regardless, if they do have Julia fool around with Michael again, even in the slightest, I think it would be a big mistake. Let her move past that incredibly stupid decision and...here's a thought...learn from it! Like most spouses who cheat she realizes now just how important her family is to her. To turn her back into a 16-year old girl who doesn't think past today is ridiculous. I would just as soon see Debra Messing and her off-screen lover, Will Chase, written out of the show for good.