Did Hollie deserve to be eliminated on this week's American Idol?

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    Jessica has the most beautiful voice among the three. She should be the next American Idol.


    Jessica should win. Phillip is a joke. Joshua too dramatic


    jessica is awful and like jimmy on am idol says, the rabbit will tell how awful she is if you are really listening.


    Phillip????? Come on people.......he is a poor intertainer with his stupid expressions and kicking up his legs........and his poor taste of clothing.........he would have to pay me to buy his cd.........i would throw it away if he gave me one........Go Josh!!!!!!!


    its hard to pick between jessica and jousha both of them are amazing


    I agree with Bob. Phillip should have gone home several weeks ago. Hollie may still having some growing to do but she is definitely much better then Phillip. If the young teen girl vote continues on this show, they are going to start losing the older viewing audience, including me.


    I've really enjoyed this years Idol. It is the best season thus far. Any of the remaining three would have 'shamed' the last five winners on Idol.
    Go Josh, Jessica and Phillip. Can't wait for your CD's.


    JOSHUA SHOULD WIN! He has a wonderful voice and his stage presence is fantastic! The only reason Jessica might win is that a girl hasn't won Idol in quite a while. Jessica is good, but too much of a "Barbie doll".


    philip should have been eliminated a long time ago. for some reason those tone deaf judges love the guy. either that or the producers manipulate the voting to keep those 16 year old's watching to keep the ratings high. holly was not the best singer but 5 times better then phillip. phillip will probablly win the thing because the trend in pop music today is medirocrity. there are no writers left and no room for anyone that knows what a melody is. todays pop music is in very poor shape and these mickey mouse shows like american idol and the voice contribute to it... in 20 years no one will remember adam lovine and maroon 5 but they will know who the beattles were.


    yes, joshua is a good singer but can he let go of the 'gospel' just a little bit? I don't think so...seriously, is he marketable?...no...there's just not enough fans for his type of vocals. Jessica, on the other hand, needs to choose more current songs and I believe she would be getting more votes...just poor song choice that nobody (who's voting..) even knows! As far as this being the 'very best of idol'?...I don't think so.
    signed...I'm so done with hearing 'baby'/'just beautiful'/'in it to win it'