American Idol Results: And Then There Were Three

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The three who remain standing after tonight's American Idol will receive a hero's welcome in their hometowns. The eliminated contestant will just be going home. Bummer.

But hey, there's still the tour, right? And all the guests in theater tonight got a ticket to one of the live shows so we know at least a few people will be there.

David Cook and La Diva Latina herself will perform tonight, and we'll get the only honest criticism we're hearing all season from Jimmy.

Goodbye To...

Phillip Phillips, who went first in both rounds last night, is going first tonight, too. Jimmy liked that Phillip lost the guitar and added a saxophone on "Have You Ever Seen The Rain." He thought it added to Phillip's repertoire as an artist. For "Volcano," Jimmy said "it all came together" and vowed that had he seen that performance in a different venue, he would've signed Phillip on the spot. Jimmy and I will have to agree to disagree on the first song, but we're in complete agreement on the second. That song sounded like it could've been a Phillip original.

Ryan's a tease. He sends Phillip back to the couches but not with a declaration of his safety.

Hollie Cavanagh's up next. Jimmy thought that "Faithfully" worked for her because she has a tendency for dramatics and that's a dramatic song. However, unlike Randy, Jimmy thinks she's peaking in the wrong direction and I'm trying to figure out how one can "peak" downward. Jimmy admits he didn't push anyone one way or another on their second round song picks and says Hollie didn't have the experience or the understanding to perform "I Can't Make You Love Me" and hit the "opera button" in the chorus and then "crashed and burned." Yep, Jimmy. That about sums it up.

Another tease from Ryan. She's back to the couches but maybe not for long.

David Cook performs his new single "The Last Song I'll Write For You" and it reminds me that he's sorely missed from my radio. I expected him to be a bigger commercial success than he's been post-Idol. Maybe this song will help him out.

Up next is Joshua Ledet. Jimmy hated Joshua's first song choice and his arrangement of Groban's "You Raise Me Up." He's giving the same criticism many of the commenters on yesterday's review did: Joshua's doing the same thing time after time and it's letting him down. However, Jimmy loved "It's A Man's World," calling the performance "captivating." On listening back to his Round Two song, I don't love it as much as I did last night, but for the most part, I still agree with Jimmy, especially with the first song.

Still no results.

Jessica Sanchez heads to the floor. Jimmy criticized her choice of "Steal Away" AND her tendency to growl through her song. Like Joshua, Jimmy thinks Jessica has to "leave that rabbit in the hat." High fives to Jimmy! He called her second song "flawless" and said she brought all of her tricks in the right balance. I wasn't as blown away by it as he was, probably because I think, just as I said last night, that LaKisha Jones did it better.

Again, no results. They're really making us work for it tonight.

Before we can learn the results, J.Lo, the "matriarch" of Idol, performs "Dance Again" as a preview for her upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesias. I hope Jessica is paying attention, because THIS is how to sing and dance and perform. Where does she think Beyonce learned her moves? Except I can't be positive that Jennifer's actually singing this and not lip synching. Oh well. She's still good.

Keiran dimmed the lights. Finally.

Jessica Sanchez is the first to the Top Three. Joshua Ledet is next. They'll both visit their hometowns for pomp and circumstance.

Phillip and Hollie remain standing. And now's a great time for a commercial breakk.

The final person in the Top Three is Phillip Phillips. Hollie's headed back to Texas. It's been a great climb for Hollie, but her mountain's not quite as tall as the mountains of the other three contestants.

Did Hollie deserve to go home this week, or do you think it should've been someone else?


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Philip is great and anyone who don't see it that way can suck my ass!!!While listening to him sing something by CCR!!!


Well once America blew it for the second time. They sent home Hollie against PP & now Joshua. PP should have been gone long ago. He has no singing talent. He destroys every song he sings. It's always in the wrong melody & key & strains to get every word out. He has no power to his voice. The only way you can hear him is because of the microphone. If he was in a silent room you couldn't hear him. Wouldn't that be nice! Jessica, Hollie & Joshua have powerful multi range voices. I pray that Jessica is crowned the next American Idol & goes on to a succesful career in music. As for Hollie & Joshua I guarntee recording contracts are on their way to you. And when they do run with them and become the stars you are. God gave you those voices for a reason. Please don't waste them.


Jessica is god


Joshue is a joke , pathetic and a liar, he says he is not gay ....oh you lair we all know that is not true .. What are waiting to win and then come out of the closet,, he is such a loser he has no personality , and has the most irritating voice......


Jessica Sanchez for Idol 2012.


Racism much reviewer? TV Fanatic should sack you now because you've made no sense AT ALL THE WHOLE SEASON! Pathetic.


Eastlake high all for Jessica! :)


@Ida70 lol looking at the past winners, you clearly can see what the voters vote for... and who actually votes... ladies and women...and can jimmy just replace the judges cause he clearly gives much more better criticism.. so people would have a better understanding..


When will people stop hating others because they are not like them. We were all created in God's image (never forget that). For me, my favorite is Jessica Sanchez because that girl sings better than the rest (truth be told); next is Phillip, that guy sings well too. But my vote anyday, anytime will go to Sanchez.


Don't worry people, only the cholas vote for Jessica. I mean for real! She's not gunna win ever! A quick look at her fb page would prove that! She's going home very soon!

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