The deal is almost complete. Now, you tell us: do you want to see Ashton Kutcher back on Two and a Half Men for the 2012-2013 season?

The New Walden

I would love to have the drugs that the execs must be smoking to even consider bringing this show back.


i love Kutcher but not for 2 1/2 men,people loved the show because of charlie's character, what we see now, we can most definitely get from other shows (even better)but what we had before was first class. What happened to jake? berta? herb? judith?, the show now is about a man and his english girlfriend, a guy that lives with him that says 5 lines per episode with his girlfriend and two stoners. Bring Charlie back!!Do this for your fans...we made the show remember??


Please say it ain't so!!!!! Is CBS nuts or just stupid? Don't they realize how many people absolutely hate the ASShton Kutcher version of TAAHM?


i like the new i hope it will come back i dont miss sheen

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