Ashton Kutcher Nearing New Deal with Two and a Half Men

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It's been a foregone conclusion ever since his debut netted enormous ratings, but TV Guide reports Ashton Kutcher and CBS are nearing a deal that will bring the actor back for another season of Two and a Half Men.

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Kutcher only signed a contract for one year in the summer of 2011, and his status was a major topic of discussion at the Two and a Half Men PaleyFest panel earlier this month. Both the actor and creator Chuck Lorre expressed enthusiasm for at least one more season of Walden Schmidt.

Ratings for Ashton's premiere on the sitcom were gargantuan (28.7 million viewers). They've since dropped down to sub-Charlie Sheen levels (below 12 million for each of the previous two new episodes), but Two and a Half Men remains one of the most-watched half hours on television.

Kutcher, who has been earning $700,000/episode, will likely receive a raise when he signs this new deal.

Do you want to see him return as Walden?

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I just read that Kutcher is being considered or has taken the role to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie. When will he find the time to devote to the show? Kutcher is not right for the part on Two and a Half Men but it seems they have made his character not so silly and stupid as he was originally portrayed. His girfriend Zoey is boring and uninteresting and her accent is getting to be annoying. I agree with one of the other posters that all the characters need to return to add some interesting and funny stories as opposed to concentrating on Alan and Walden. Rose was the best part of the show for me. She played the character very well as well as the Mother. Anyway, Maybe "Walden" will miraculously disappear when he takes on Steve Jobs in the new movie. I hope.


Ashton sucks....not funny, this is a comedy show, get Billy Crystal or the Iron Man... Ashton is NOT winning..the old characters need to come back and regroup....get Rose back. Rose needs her own show Chuck.


Please, dear God, get rid of Ashton Kutcher. He does not deserve his salary, and he is a terrible actor!


Ashton sucks, as a actor my dog has more
talent than him.


He did OK, slow start and the better then Season 8 with Charlie.

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