And the Winner is?

Ed Westwick or Jensen Ackles: Which CW star do you love more? Cast your vote right here, right now in this second round Tournament of TV Fanatic matchup!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ed Westwick

Jensen Ackles

Total Votes: 17606
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Hell yeah!! its got to be Jensen!! Love him like hell!! ♥♥
i can bet that westwick is going to lose!!


�OVE Jensen Ackles �He is the best�中国的Fans快�投票给Jensen�有木有�O(∩_∩)O


Jensen all the way, he deserves to win this!!!


Jensen is the best. I voted for him from Italy


Jensen is both pretty and very manly... I've always been into scruffy men but Jensen ...even without the scruff on him he's still hot as hell!! I love his voice...his eyes... his jaws (sometimes they seem a little bit chubby �)...his lips...especially when he pouts them... I love him in all his cotton shirts and jackets... Love the way he walks... Love his strong arms , even the cute golden hairs on them... they shine like diamonds in the sun... his masculine legs... The way he dresses... Ed is cool but he's too metrosexual anyway. However, Jensen always dress like a REAL MAN and keeps it cool while doing it !!! Not to mention when he grows a hot beard and wear SUNGLASSES!!! I fell in love with Dean Winchester first. and Yes Jensen is born to play Dean Winchester.. a character of integrity, of dimensions, and of downright sexiness.




Ed !!!!!!!! Because he is Chuck Bass hahahahahha


JENSEN the one and only bessssssssst
YEAH Jensen!
BRAZIL,We love Jensen FOREVER!Jensen must be the Top Star!!!
JENSEN,BIG FRIEND,ensen the best...My life!!




How is this even competition?! Jensen Ackles all the way!