What did you think of the GCB premiere? Give it a grade now!

GCB Cast Pic

Terrible. They did two horrendous sins: it wasn't funny and was hypocritical itself. the humor was too forced and unreal compared to DH which came on before it. When on DH Lanette and susan fought for the crib, I laughed out loud. This, I didn't laugh once. Then the title and subject of the show was to point out the shortcomings of Christians. But Bibb's character (who we’re to root for) is just as hypocritical without the religious fervor. She did just as much snide and snarky commenting about them as they about her. What is the show trying to prove: that if you hold yourself to a high moral standard and don't reach it then you should be damned but if you don't then it's ok to be a bitch? The reap what you sow thing seems more to touch Bibb's character and not the others, because she was a mean girl. And I don't care where you're from or what religion, it's hard for anyone to accept that someone has changed just because they say they have, especially when she showed she hadn't

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