GCB Promo, Poll: What Did You Think?

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Is is the next Desperate Housewives? Or simply the next pale imitation of Desperate Housewives?

GCB premiered on ABC last night, taking viewers to an extreme version of Dallas and depicting the women there as anything but holy. Are you on board with with Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenoweth-anchored comedy?

Looking ahead to next Sunday, viewers can expect the craziness to continue, as Carlene bounces back from her humiliation at church and Gigi throws Amanda a lunch in her honor to reintroduce her to society. Check out the official ABC promo for "Hell Hath No Fury" now and then sound off on the new show...

Grade the GCB series premiere:

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coming from the perspective of a southern christian.... I love this show! growing up in church I can see where this show gets its plot, how can we not laugh at our selves ?


I think that the program is purly anti-relegioous and should be banned from TV.
All it is is a bunch of women showing there T and A. It is certainly a rounghy program!!!


The pilot was very well done. Enjoyed very much.


Loved it! I thought it was funny and witty. It really is the reality of the times today with a twist of drama, comedy, scheming, lying and stretching the truth to ones favor. A plus on my TV list.

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GCB Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Gigi: You know it was awfully nice of her to dedicate this song to you.
Amanda: Mother, Jesus Take The Wheel? My husband died in a car crash.

Nothing ever blows over with Carlene. Be afraid. Be very afraid.