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Has NeNe risen to a level above the rest of the Housewives?

NeNe's Not Happy
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This show is past the point of ridiculous. It's getting on the low level like Basketball Wives. NeNe is an idiot and bully who is a nobody and who will never work in Hollywood again.


Yes Nene is on another level and that is level zero, the lowest level she can go. Please Nene show some class, you are not always right. All the other housewives on RHOA are afraid of her except for Kenya. Whenever there is BS from Nene, the other housewives look like little puppies with their tails between their legs in a corner without anyone of them barking and looking scared and Nene always looking like the Pitbull.


Nene's an @SS! She'll never get another job in Hollywood...they see what a 'hood rat' she is! WHY she thinks she's better than the rest of them is beyond me! She's pitiful!

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