The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Another Level of Housewives

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It was all about "Dropping the Ball" on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 15 - but who was at fault when the party went wrong?

We recap the RSVPs and rude behavior in our TV Fanatic +/- review...

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. After her talk with NeNe Leakes at the spa did she really think an evite would be enough to smooth things over? Minus 12. If so, she was obviously wrong.

But Kenya did say she tried to invite NeNe out for a little roller derby with the girls but Ms. Leakes wasn't returning her calls. 

Roller derby actually looked like fun and plus 25 to Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey for actually getting out there and trying, even if they did spend half the time falling on their faces. It made Kandi and Phaedra look that much lazier for warming the bench and texting. Why bother coming at all?

Speaking of Porsha, she must have really been working on her singing. Plus 33. That was the best performance we've heard from her and Kandi looked elated to have her friend do well…well enough to earn herself a part in Kandi's musical. Fingers crossed she keeps up the hard work. 

Especially since Kandi continues to have her hands full at home. Minus 50 to Mama Joyce who tried to hire someone to set Todd up with another woman and take pictures. Ugh. 

I couldn't blame Todd for being ticked off and he's right. This will be a continuing problem in their marriage if Kandi doesn't put her mama in check. 

It was so sad to hear Kandi cry that at least her mama won't ever leave her. But she failed to realize that Joyce also doesn't seem to care if her daughter is happy or miserable. Counseling might be a really good idea to help Kandi handle this horrible situation. Plus 27.

Back to Kenya's party. Who pulls off a masquerade charity ball and only sends out e-vites? I know it's economical but it's not very classy. Minus 15.

Kenya's Masquerade Ball

And did she leave a message for NeNe explaining her intent to honor NeNe's charity?  One moment NeNe made it sound like she knew nothing about the event and then she sounded like she knew but didn't know she was being honored. 

Despite her issues with Kenya, it was great to see NeNe show up…until it all went wrong. 

NeNe's speech was incredibly rude. Minus 35. If she wasn't there to help the charity then why bother coming at all? She didn't make Kenya look bad as much as she made the guests feel uncomfortable.

But what got to me was her attitude, "None of the these bitches here are on the level I'm on." 

Minus 23. What level is that exactly? You're all getting a paycheck for being on the same reality TV show. I'd say your all on the same level. 

Peter pitched a fit about NeNe's behavior and told her how he felt. At first I wondered if he was vying for the next open housewives spot but I suppose if Cynthia's going to take him to all of these crazy events, he's got the right to speak his mind. 

Now we wait for next week, when it appears that NeNe walks away from a fight! There is a lot of snow outside my door. Perhaps hell has frozen over.

Episode total = -50! Season total = -817! 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Was NeNe Leakes right? Is she on another level from the rest of the Housewives?


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Started watching these "Real Wives...." shows (reality tv shows in general) out of curiosity. Wow. Talk about pure self-indulgence and narcissism. Television supposedly reflects our culture at the time. I really hope that isn't true. Thanks to cable and satellite TV we have access to hundreds of shows. But in 2013, 2014, these "reality" shows, infomercials, and the new breed (though still as fraudulent) of TV evangelists seem to make up at least 75% of TV programming. Thank God for Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming and their actual original programming, movies and series. I felt my IQ rising to its normal level, lol. But I have to comment on two total catastrophies, even if I could not get past 10 minutes before desperately changing the channel. Honey Boo Boo? *shudder* Shirley Temple--may she RIP--this exploited child is NOT. Hard to fathom popularity for a show that seems to glorify being an obese, obnoxious child. Maybe she is laughing all the way to the bank right now, but if she pops off from heart disease or severe diabetes shutting down her organs before she even reaches age 16, she doesn't have a lot of years to enjoy that money. Truly horrifying to watch this child. The other train wreck is The Kardashians. Not sure who they even are. The wife, obviously desperately trying to look as young as her daughters, fighting hard with every Botox injection and plastic surgery to stave off aging, is, or was? married to an actual celebrity/athlete. He seems to be the only one with any bonafides. The show otherwise seems to just be about attractive females shopping and posing before the nearest camera and preening at their own reflections. Reminded me of the peacocks pen at the Washington Zoo, spending all their time when not eating or sleeping simply strutting around showing off their plumage. This Kardashian clan seem to be the human version of the peacock. But the actual animal peacock is a hundred-fold more interesting. Has American pop culture become as empty and silly as all these reality TV shows would suggest? I hope not...

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