What do you think of Gossip Girl Season 6 so far?

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Drea xoxo

i'm disappointed! series 5 should have been the ending....kick out the unnecessary storylines and make chair happen NOW not ep10 smdh. its pointless now and silly, show has lost everything njbc n ues about it


Dont add more people in it....why?? it just will lead to tying more knots! Chuck and blair getting maaried en serena and Dan! Nate is so boring so he has to be Gossip Girl! Lily back together with Rufus. Ivy gets arrested after charlotte comes out of jail and takes revenge (old boyfriend Max will testify against her)! Vanessa gets back into town and also has a novel came out in Europe and is very succesful over there!


I expect much more from this final season. It goes rather slow. That will mean that episode 9 and 10 have to be explosive. Everything is dragging alone, where are the big parties...even the Fashion Show was boring! Where are the glitz and glamour...where were the it girls ( or cameo like Rachel Zoe en Joe Zee or Victoria Beckham as herself etc to see Blair's first show??)! Why is Sage in the show? A spoiled brat, just get Jenny back and work with Blair! Steven is boring and not even so handsome, Serena is down dating! Eric has to come back...Bart has to disappear again and Rufus and Ivy please>>? Blair and Chuck will do it together Waldorf etc so they are that power couple! Serena and Dan back together after he hits bottom with his new book, Serena is the one who will support him! with other words fire works please! Also more fab gowns etc...it is the LAST SEASON!


I guess I expected way more from this season. I feel it's kind of boring and dragging along where it should be be better. Steven and Sage need to go bring back Eric and Jenny even Vannessa (Never thought I'd say that)

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