Gossip Girl Promo: You Had My Mother?

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Looks like Serena and Steven hit a snag on next week's Gossip Girl.

The revelation that Serena slept with Sage's boyfriend isn't exactly a surprise, given that we know her history with Nate, but Lily and Steven once hooked up, according to next week's promo? Who saw that coming?

Then again it is Gossip Girl. We should have expected it really.

Next Monday, in "Portrait of a Lady Alexander," Chuck’s investigation into his father’s dealings leads him to an unlikely event with Manhattan’s elite, where he hopes to find the person who can tell him the truth about Bart.

Meanwhile, The Spectator is in jeopardy after Dan sold Nate out, so Nate must make a difficult decision to keep it in business. Speaking of Dan, Georgina pushed him to choose a worthy person to date to boost his image.

Who do you think that will be? After last night's antics (see our Gossip Girl review), how much lower can Dan go in his quest to burn every bridge in the tri-state area? And more broadly, are you liking this final season?

Tell us in the comments, and vote below: Gossip Girl Season 6 ...

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Why do I keep watching this? This show has gotten so stupid. The characters have been destroyed. Ugh. Just end already so I can forget all about this. And please, please have Chuck grow his hair back


so far i don't like the season, but what i think the writers are trying to do is build up for the final episode which will explode in our faces. expect the most rattling episode yet to be seen! did we forget about the reveal of gossip girl? sooo many options: nelly yuki (when she was at yale thats when she handed it over to georgina who then handed it over to serena) and also jenny. wouldn't that be amazing. when she took her leave of absence thats when georgina took over and same with serena. what we don't know is if someone had it before georgina. there could have been more fake gossip girls before her. can't wait and see!!!!!!!!


Then why are you still watching the show you idiot? . The show is a bad comedy since season 5.And chuck should grow up and get over his dad? and what about dan? he is the one who should get over the ues and grow the fuck up.He will never be a part of the ues; he should leave, just like jenny and vanessa.


This show is turning into a bad comedic sitcom, complete with the ridiculous promos. Sigh, a far far cry from season 1. Blair is nothing more than comedic relief at this point, and Chuck's big storyline is anything but, it's boring, redundant, and asinine. Grow the fuck up Chuck and get over your dad Only good thing is Dan


Is that so hard to focus the show on the main characters?.Why are they showing sage and steven,i don't give a crap about them.


As the season goes on it seems to be getting better. 6x02 and 6x03 episodes were not what the audience wanted to see, but it seems that changes are on the horizon in episode 6x04. If would be like promises that in this promo, I think it starts unraveling around nonsense called Serena and Stephen. Serena were an easy one girl, but she has too its red lines, and one of them - do not sleep with a guy who slept with your mother! Everyone needs to remember season 2 when Lily and Rufus started dating and sleeping together in the Lily’s apartment , for Serena and Dan it was very gross. Now it should once again to get back Serena from season 2 and 3, in which she express fired sky high Aaron and Nate, and then returned to Dan. We can hint from Serena’s sentence - You had my Mother?, what will happen to Stephen, after his lie personally rebut Lily!


C'mon this is the last season and they haven't given us anything that makes us say OMG...


I'm enjoying this side of Dan! If only season 4 Vanessa would step back in. Vanessa, Dan and Georgina would be the most amazing trio to take down all the UES kids.


from eonline: "MonicaHue: Please tell me it's true that Chuck and Blair will get married!
Pump those brakes! Can't dish on anything that far out yet (the series finale is crazy top secret, despite all the recent photos leaking, which may or may not be red herrings) but we can tell you that you Chuck and Blair fans best prepare for some heartache in episode seven. We're hearing C and B are in very different places in their lives and it doesn't bode well for them at that point." come on really!? thats to much now!


I'll admitt that the last two episodes have been subpar but that is not because of Chuck and Blair or Leighton or Ed for that matter their still the best characters actors and couple on this show and based on the material they did a great job it's the material the writing that's the problem the episode would have been fine without Sage and her storyline which has been the focus of the previous episodes it's contrived at best hopefully Steven sends her off to boarding school asap or there is some payoff or reason for her recieving more focus then the core characters

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