So, what did you think? Grade Grimm Season 2 after 12 episodes in 2012.

Hank & Nick On the Move

I gave it a C out of respect for how I used to love Grimm, and couldn't bear to dunk it with a D. Juliette is killing the show. Would award her the title of Most Vapid Character In A Series. Can't the writers get some hexenbiest to run her off the place and especially away from Portland, where I live? She and Nick seem to have zero chemistry and the soap opera lovey stuff is destroying the series. Jeez, writers, can't you do better than this?


i give it D,i cant believe they have spent half season with this faked triangle thing.instead of giving her to be a part of nick's grimm world,they have wasted her with this stupid nickamnesia and obsession thing which leads her bangs nick's boss.


I give it a B- beause I am sick of Juliette and Renard. This is a storyline that is going on way to long. Everyone keeps hinting at this great sex scene between Renard and Juliette but judging by the promos they even look bored! Bring this show back already NBC and get back to the core of the show or you will still be #5 in the ratings! Everyone else on the show is great..also Monroe and Rosealee are a couple that people really care about.


I give it a B

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