Dexter has come to an end. Grade the finale now.

Dexter Series Finale Scene

This season = out-of-character behavior, Mary Sue and cheap melodramatic effects. It was obvious that the writers had lost all common sense, and couldn't care less about what kind of show they're writing for. The main characters were completely stripped of dignity, and the main sacrifice of season 8 was LOGIC. It was, indeed, a punch in the face, a tragic drop in quality of once magnificent show. For thdse, who praise the finale for being unexpected,it was unexpected allright - because nothing made any sense.


It was a totally BIG HUGE desapointment to me. I trully hatedwhat the (sostupidandmorron) writer and producersmade w/ the very last episodeof thissow. IT WAS SUPOSEDTO BE EPIC,instead it was an absurdly awful stupidity! C'mom! Putting Debon a cpmstosis state for good??? WTF?? (Quoting Deb if I may). And if that wasn't enough of bad writing they even got Dexter to kill her?! F$#k! Ohand to complete the desaster theylet Dexter leave his son w/ who? HANNA!! A murderer!! (Let's face the truth, she may love Dexter but she's still a killer! Besides,Harrison hasa brother anda sister and a gramma? And Dexter thinks the boy would be better off w/ her? Bulls#%t ! I would rather see Dexter dead thanthis! Whoever wrote this episode should be lying down on Dexter's table!! I rated the ep w/ an F just because there wasn't a Z. Now I really don't care if Dexter is still carrying his Dark Passenger (at least that was what it looked like in the very end w/ the close on Dexter's face expression showing no emotions whatsoever (even after loosing Deb,Harrison and Hanna) and w/ no sign of his father's halucination! Which I led me to the thought he no longer will live by Dr's Vogel code and just will start to be who he really is: an ordinary serial killer. :$ :/ :P


NEW ENDING: Lumberjack Dex stairs at the camera . . . out of the shadows walks in dad, puts his hand on Dex's shoulder and stairs at the camera . . . . out of the shadows walks in Deb, puts her hand on Dex's shoulder and stairs at the camera . . . FADE TO BLACK.

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