At this point, who do you sympathize with the most?

Elizabeth Looks Scared with Henry at the Carnival

They're baaaaack!!!! And welcome too! Although a little confusing at times, the episode had me on the edge of my seat. I didn't understand why Philip shot the two Afghans. The younger one gave him the gift of a dagger used to kill a Russian in Afghanistan - did Philip read it as a subtle threat. Thought he was going to let the young kitchen worker go, so it was a shock when he so graphically dispatched him.
I guess we won't find out who killed the other family for a few episodes - in the future episodes preview, Claudia shows up and orders them to find out who did the deed. A good, but confusing episode!

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The Americans Quotes

Interrogator: There will be no spy trades under this president.
Philip: I'm not a spy.

We will find this traitor and put a bullet in his head.