Philip: It would destroy her.
Elizabeth: To be like us?

I would do anything for my daughter. I would do anything for my daughter.


Fred: Let me assure you, Mr. Beeman. I would never betray my country.
Stan: No one ever imagines they will.

You are so lucky, Paige.


You inherited me. You didn't see something in me.


You respect Jesus but not us?!


Stan: I can fix this, but the God damned bureaucracy is killing us.
Deputy Attorney General: Beeman, I am the bureaucracy.
Stan: I know that sir. That's why I'm here.

I'll get you the signals before I leave for Nicaragua. Get that body out of my house.


Elizabeth: What's this?
Henry: It's a Camaro Z-28. Dad just bought it. Isn't it awesome?
Phillip: Ahhmazing. Well, at least it isn't a plane.

Oleg: Squeeze your anus.
Nina: What?
Oleg: Squeeze your anus before you answer the question.
Nina: Is this a joke?
Oleg: No.

Keep a tiger as a pet, it's still a tiger.


You look like a spy in an old movie.


The Americans Quotes

Interrogator: There will be no spy trades under this president.
Philip: I'm not a spy.

We will find this traitor and put a bullet in his head.