There are seven suspects. Narrow them down to one now and vote: Who is Red John?

Jane's Wild West

Could Redjon and Patrick Jane be one of the same? Remember the name of the show is the mentalist.


Red john is Brett partridge if you think about it rosalinde said he has a soft voice check he is always at the red john crimes to cover his tracks and when Jane was held captive at season two end when he red john talks he has same tone as Brett


So, looking at the poll.. its between Partridge and Kirkland. OMG
I knew, from the very beginning that Kirkland was the oonvious choice, if it is him after all. I wouldn't be surprised, bcos i thought it was Partridge. But, I guess, Jane/Kirkland are one in the same. Unless, you a Medical Examiner like Brett is.


Ahhhh...... Yeah, Tim. Did you get the memo?


I believe, and will believe to the end, that Kristina Frye is Red John.

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