Who should Leonard date on The Big Bang Theory?

Leonard and Priya in the Shower

Penny must be drunk, together with Sheldon!!! Sheldon falls over when he was drunk, and Penny sings 'soft kitty'...... and from there, well, lol


I think that he should end up with Priya simply because I think it is time for Leonard to get a new love interest. The whole off and on romance stuff with Leonard/Penny has run it's course and I think Chuck Lorre and the rest of the creative minds behind the series should but this boring storyline to rest. I am sorry LeonardxPenny fans out there but honestly, I am sick and tired of seeing them together. They need to leave them as friends the show is better when there relationship is strictly platonic.


Imagine an episode in which Sheldon and Penny show that in fact not have a great friendship, it's just friends with benefits sex benefits, which the two since the beginning of the series always brings secretly. What would be the reaction of Leonard to discover that the girl he loves (Penny) is actually the mistress of his best friend (Sheldon)?


Imagine um episodeo em que Sheldon e Penny revelam que na verdade nao possuem uma grande amizade, mais sim uma amizade com beneficios beneficios sexuais, que os dois desde o começo da serie sempre trasaram secretamente. Qual seria a reação de Leonard ao descobrir que a garota que ele ama(Penny) é na verdade amante de seu melhor amigo(Sheldon)?

Saturday night living

Hm...I'm a guy but Raj is not attractive. Neither is their mother, but neither is Pryia.
He should definetly end up with Penny, they are just fun to watch, have chemistry, are nice characters, and they clearly like each other.
But if Raj slept with Penny I don't think they will.


My vote would be for Penny simply because the actress who plays Priya is neither funny nor beautiful-shouldn't she at least be as attractive as Raj much less the stunningly beautiful actress playing their mother ??
But actually I'm only marginally interested in what happens to Leonard. In my opinion,this whole thing with Priya ,along with having Penny sleep with Raj in a way that Leonard would find out,the whole romantic vein we have seen this entire season is, in fact, just a way to get the audience to think of Leonard as the star of the show instead of the unromantic Sheldon because Galecki was originally promised he would be the lead .That seemed a logical conclusion years ago since he was the only actor we'd heard of before but it hasn't turned out that way and it can't be helped even by taking the focus away from Parsons.
Galecki should have seen just by reading the script of the pilot that he wasn't going to be the top draw in this show unless he played Sheldon.It's written from a geek's perspective so who would become the star but the biggest geek around rather than his sorta smart roommate? The fact that Parsons is so talented that he is winning acting awards just makes it more obvious perhaps, but it was inevitable and no amount of skewing the story lines towards the romantic/sexual plots that Sheldon can't take part in can change that without destroying the show.From what I see on the internet ,most people are ,like me,more interested in Sheldon and Penny's friendship than Leonard and whoever he ends up with;that says it all.

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