SyFy might turn The Event into a mini-series. Would you watch this?

Virginia Madsen  on The Event

I liked the Event and hate that it was cut. I know it's all about profitability but at the same time networks need to have a little more regard for the audience who actually watch these shows. NBC does the same thing every season: introduce us to a potentially good series and then abruptly cut it. I am seriously contemplating not wtching anything on NBC. I'm so tired of getting my hopes crushed.


The Event is one the best series ever ,it is totally worth to be aired for not only a season2 but to completely forfill its destination to season 10000000000000000000000000000000000000ect.I personally think there is alot more other series that are way beneath "The Event's" class to be taken off instead.


I love the event hate that they are taking it off,
when a show comes on that you have to think about or is not trash they take it off

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