I'm kind of on a twisted path to becoming someone I want to be. Step one is acheiving success within the collegiate setting. Step two is to dilly dally in cinematics and theatrics. And that's all I've thought of thus far. Thank you for visiting this fine profile on the interwebs.

P.S. I really don't like that term, but right now I'm diggin' it.

Let's get some things straight though. Most of the time, if there is a show that has been aired in the UK, I prefer it over the American editing and directing. For example: The X Factor, and Skins (now cancelled in the USA). The American shows don't have a lick on the UK. Sometimes, I wonder why they even try. Those are just examples though and even when I want to object to the continuation of such nonsense, we must all remember the whole 'creativity and expression' concept. TV shows are an extension of text. Some writers are awesome, while others should have taken up knitting instead of writing; I suppose it all comes down to personal taste. Damn.

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The Vampire Diaries Review: Witchy Washy

To be entirely honest, I think this should have been between the last episode of season 3 and the opening of 4. I felt like it just wrapped up all the loose ends and then created an entirely new problem. Everything was just so "here in the moment". Not to mention the plot line exploded in our faces with the whole pastor thing. I don't know - I liked watching Stefan and Elena suffer with the supposed dooming thought of Elena turning (but we all knew that wasn't going to happen), and how Elena tried to fight against it and then ended up having to fight to even fully turn before she died. And here's where it's said out loud that Damon was right. Ugh, I'm so sick up Stefan being this (no pun intended) life-sucking fiend and Damon being the behind the scenes good guy.


While I do like the continuous thoughts on theme parks and penitentiaries, I think it would also be enjoyable to take on a cabaret. Sure the setting might seem a little too loud and promiscuous, but there are ways around the fantasy atmosphere. For example, the horror could take place in the basement while on the main floor there’s music, laughing, and drinking. The cabaret could be a cover up for a conspiracy amongst the staff or for something darker that has no relation to the club at all - as long as there's some gore. You’d have two worlds mixed with one but set in the same time. Theme parks and penitentiaries are awesome places with great potential, but they might be too big and the amount of extras needed on set would be crazy.