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did anyone else see the way that billy looked at jane when they were in the bathroom, really close together, and she said 'just do it'? i did, they will get together, thats just how tv works. jeremy is a little to old-statutory, and her high school hottie is adorable.
i think that jane will feel betrayed by billy about the relationship with lulu. because not only does lulu hate her, but she also had billy lie to jane for over 2 months. but who knows.
i would like jane to be more independent. she seems to be skating by on the razor thin ice all the time, and thats not cool. i wonder when people will find out that she is like 17?......

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The Other Child of John Blackwell

I think it's Melissa also.

faye would be to obvious a choice as she is already the resident 'wild child', and whenever she has tried to do magic on her just doesn't all.

diana could be it, but she can be put to rest on the account that she looks like her grandmother, and the fact that her grandma tried to kill cassie because of dark magic leads me to believe that if john blackwell was her father, or he has a sister, diana would have been killed.

melissa is the only one left. although she was the first one to really feel the effects of faye in fire/ice, it could have to do with the fact that faye meant to attract dark magic, and got the circle magic instead. so if it is her, she was affected quicker because she has dark magic.

i don't think that they would bring in a new character to play balcoin other child for the simple fact that the with-hunter already said that the other child of balcoin is in the circle. 

side-note, it was jake who saved cassie and melissa from the school. thats why when he walked down the steps when adam and cassie were "making progress" his boots were exentuated. 

thats what i think.

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