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Yes they really need more of a finale to lexie and mark, but also teddy! is the season finale seriously the last time we're ever seeing her? Wouldn't teddy have stuck around after hearing about the plane crash? Makes no sense.


I love this show. They manage to make me want Damon and Elena together for 2 entire seasons, and then when they finally kiss I'm thinking ugh, get Stefan back in here. The evil Stefan is kinda fun (FOR NOW). The anticipation of wondering when the old Stefan is finally going to crack through is a huge reason of why I'm still watching this show. Though it's 13 episodes into this season and I'm starting to think maybe he's never coming back..
Otherwise, I would only watch for Caroline. Love her character. Loved her story line with Tyler, and now I really LOVE the idea of her with Klaus. The whole Original family is just too awesome...


Aria and Ezra kissing? I'm down!!

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