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Scandal Review: Father Knows Best

I'm going to go ahead and call it now - Mama Pope had something to do with the bomb aboard the plane. It's my suspicion that Olivia's mom had something to do with that bomb and that is the reason why she's in jail and has not been allowed to see her daughter in over 20 years. The way she demanded to see her daughter tells me she's not a good gal. As soon as they said that someone was escorted out of the plane, I immediately knew that Olivia's mom was alive. I gotta give it to Shonda for throwing in the Omar Dresden name to divert viewers, but it just makes sense that Mama Pope lives. Her being alive is the only way that Olivia can ever forgive Fitz. Mellie's storyline was great! I can see know why she's so determine to keep Fitz in office. Though she's tough and is willing to do whatever it takes, she lacks the self confidence in herself to believe that she can do things for her own benefit or success - so she fights for others mainly Fitz. Like the reviewer I do believe she loves Fitz, and to some degree Fitz loves her, or at least loved her dearly at one point. Unfortunately though this marriage is toxic for both Mellie and Fitz. That was a great backstory that made clearly understand the character of Mellie a lot more. I'm excited to see how all these threads start coming together and as things get revealed how it affects all parties involved.

Justified Review: Not The Bad Guy

Totally agree with the reviewer. Awesome episode-awesome season. He did forget two mention two great scenes from the episode:
1. Raylan taking out the goons in the nursery, with him and Winona shooting up that guy together. What a great scene! It was so powerful because we haven't seen Winona and Raylan really interact at all this season and in a 1-2 minute scene they were able to capture how perfect they are for each other even if not in a relationship, and the lengths they both will go to to protect each other and their family. My yaw dropped at the awesomeness of it. 2. When Raylan asked Tim if he needed someone to talk to and both they're response was "Rachel". It brought a smile to my face because once again a small scene showcased so perfectly the cohesion of that team. Kudos Justified on another great season. Can't wait for the next.

Justified Round Table: "Decoy"

4. I'd give it a 4. It dragged out a little, but finding out that Bobby, I mean Shelby was Drew, and then have him be this awesome character that proved to be so smart was satisfying. 5. Tim and Colt. They blew it out of the park. Like I said before seeing Tim be just as witty and definitely more jaded than Raylan was a treat. Everyone on the show has some many great quips and banters but seeing Tim had a proper banter scene was the icing on the cake for this episode. 6. Boyd and Ava. They are such a smart pair. The Detroit Mafia is so impatient and bully like that they just think attack, but Boyd and Ava know to sit still and wait for the perfect moment to attack and hit hard. This makes them the biggest threat.