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Hands down from Vampbarbie kiddo. Go play with your toys. Sick and twisted are the right words for this ship which is Klaroline. With any other woman it would be acceptable but with Caroline, which life messed up a lot exactly because of Klaus is sick and twisted. Its like woman who is in domestic violence situation and she sit there and continue to handle it and like it.

You kiddos really have to learn to make the difference between Joseph and Klaus. The fact that Candice and Joseph may look cute together, doesn't mean that Caroline and Klaus are right thing and they are not sick and twisted like a couple. Plus... if you prefer Klaus for a boyfriend in life you seriously need to make appointment with a shrink. Even better write yourself into some asylum.

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3.14 synopsis yay

Reading most of the comments (at least the Caroline related ones) it seems that some people read a sypnosis for a first time in their life. Especially CW ones. One thing I learned during my years in the Supernatural fandom... The sypnosis and the promo are never close to what will happen in the episode. They can seem horrible and usually things are different. And now about this Caroline and Klaus crap I can say one thing only she may find this new side in him, but lets remember how she tricked Katherine before and no one knows what will happen with Tyler and his fight during eps 12 and 13 lets don't forget Michael also shooting 15.

Usually when the villain shows a soft side this is the way to take him down. If Caroline start give up on Klaus this mean one thing only she will be probably the last nail in his own coffin.

And I kind a not willing to believe that the writers will screw their brilliant job so far with her character turning her into a total slut. This show is a game of hypocricity and hell but Caroline will be one good hypocrite helping to the others to bring Klaus down. I don't think she is that stupid to forget all the craps which the dude this to make her life even worse.

So like Michael said they may have a moment (moment doesn't mean a one scene explaining this to the Klaroline lovers who seemed not be able to read between the lines) but there will be no triangle. So Forwood FTW

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And what’s this about a possible love connection between Caroline and Klaus? “I don’t think that we’ll go into another love triangle between me and Caroline and somebody else. I think those two might just have a little moment,” Michael says.

And that’s how Trevino OWNED the whole Klaroline fandom!!! Love you buddy!!!!!!

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