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Castle Review: Exes Come and Go

I enjoyed the episode, but part of that was probably just because it's been a month since we had something new. Part of that was getting to see Mark Deklin (I really miss GCB!) - although they could have found a reason to have him take his shirt off - and the other great guest stars. It was a fun episode - the one liners, Castle being all nervous about Meredith and Beckett's dinner, the references to the Twinkie and Kate calling him "Kitten". Ryan and Espo giving Castle relationship advice is always funny. I loved that we got to see some of these people together in scenes that weren't just about the case. It was a classic Castle episode - twisty case with good personal stuff mixed in and quite humerous. Yes, Meredith is over-the-top and I'm glad she's not a regular on the show, but I didn't mind the idea that she would want to check up on Rick's new gal. Also, to whomever mentioned about their divorce being because she had an affair - that doesn't make her a liar. If she was feeling that disconnected from Rick, that may be why she pursued the affair. So, the affair might have been the reason for the divorce, but the disconnect was the reason the marriage didn't work. I think Castle and Beckett know as much about each other as we know about them. Each case has revealed bits of personality and spending that much time together, they know the important traits that they each find attractive in the other. In a TV show, it's just going to be boring if all they do is sit around and talk to each other about themselves. I think back to the first season and the Nanny episode when Kate finds out about Rick raising Alexis. Each episode, they learn a little bit about each other like that...you don't take 4 seasons to get together without getting to know each other! The example of the nutmeg in this episode is something fairly trivial that you probably wouldn't get to know without living together. I think this episode pushed toward that idea - should they live together? The other question I have after this ep is - how many bedrooms are in Castle's place?!

Castle Review: Handcuffed, Hot and Heavy!

I would say that the crazy old lady didn't stick them....she had her sons do that from behind them while she distracted them. Yes, the freezer thing was the most ridiculous (next to neither of them needing to go to the bathroom at some point), but I agree - who cares? It was all in fun...and all the Caskett innuendo was great. Favorite dialogue was Castle/Beckett discussing how frustrating it is that Lanie and Espo want to be together but won't admit it. Now, I hope they plan to do commentary on this one for the season 4 DVD set!