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Survivor One World Winner: Crowned!

SPOILER ALERT: Colton is not coming back next season. It's been revealed on some other sites for a few weeks now, plus, they just finished filming the fall season last week, and with the way Colton looked at the reunion, there's no way he just got back from 39 days in the game.

Survivor Review: Who Voted For Tarzan?

Great review, Luke. While I appreciated the producers' attempts to blindside and confuse the audience (rather successfully, I should point out), I think it worked against them this week. I would much rather have seen more of the strategizing and conversation that led to such a strange vote, even if it meant that I would know all going into it who was going home.

Survivor Review: Colton Crosses the Line

Everything about the second half of this episode was completely absurd. Colton's arrogance, disrespect, and offensiveness (to Bill and to Leif too, it should be noted) is purely despicable and I wish he was the one going home tonight -- that might have justified their giving up of immunity, for Colton is truly the "cancer" on their tribe. Anyone with such blatant disrespect for the dignity of others shouldn't be allowed on television. The fact that the men all gave in to Colton's absurd plan is further proof of the casting department's horrible job in recent seasons. They are probably high-fiving themselves over Colton (he makes for interesting tv) but have failed to give this game people who are willing to play it and play it for the long-haul, not in such an impulsive, naive way. Grading this episode on the decisions of the people in it, your one star makes sense, but grading it on its quality as an intriguing, dramatic, entertaining hour of television, it deserves five.