I am an adult, I do not personally know any of the stars of NCIS, the writers or any employee of CBS.  I make comments based upon my own personal observations and respect the comments of others EXCEPT when they are abusive and make personal attacks against other posters.


I live and work in the DC metro area, so I can speak with some authority regarding locations and geographical aspects.


I am highly educated, I am not a teenager posing as an adult, I am not trying to seek my own fifteen minutes of fame.  I know where I am in my life, and I enjoy a wonderful show called NCIS and yes, I am 100% pro-TIVA!

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Not sure Gibbs ever thought of Tony as an equal but he was certainly more encouraging I guess you could say. I ALWAYS thought Gibbs had a secret thing for Kate. I think initially for Gibbs and Ziva it was 1] her knowledge of Shannon and Kelly which at that point no one else knew about and 2] She killed Ari and saved his life, regardless of what the real reason may have been. That was their connection.


I'm not sure that EW has been given any major screen time without Gibbs. Maybe they don't think she can carry a scene. I don't find her character appealing in the slightest.


In the first scene after the credits, Tony mentioned that both Zoe and Sr. were out of town, and "after the past few weeks I've had" he felt he needed some alone time. Seemed clear he was talking about Jeanne since Fornell brought it up in the last scene. I hope she stays happily married and Tony leaves her alone and she doesn't make another appearance.