I am an adult, I do not personally know any of the stars of NCIS, the writers or any employee of CBS.  I make comments based upon my own personal observations and respect the comments of others EXCEPT when they are abusive and make personal attacks against other posters.   I live and work in the DC metro area, so I can speak with some authority regarding locations and geographical aspects.   I am highly educated, I am not a teenager posing as an adult, I am not trying to seek my own fifteen minutes of fame.  I know where I am in my life, and I enjoy a wonderful show called NCIS and yes, I am 100% pro-TIVA!
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NCIS Season 12 Episode 10 Review: House Rules

I think maybe Shannon wasn't shown because McGee never knew her. This was about his reminiscences to his Dad, not Gibbs'. I also think Vance was MIA because Rocky Carroll was probably prepping for his ep which he is directing, and just finished.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 9 Review: Grounded

I really tried, but I had to turn it off after ten minutes. I am sad now after hearing how good Tony was. I just don't care for Bishop and it has nothing to do with Ziva so I don't want any attacks, thank you very much! I agree with some of the comments that I felt absolutely no connection between Bishop and her husband. I really tuned in to see Jamie Bamber but it was very odd to see magnificent "Capt Apollo action man" as such a nerd. Jamie Bamber is so good. Maybe when I have nothing else to do I'll watch the rest on Demand, just to see Tony in action.

NCIS Round Table: What's on Abby's List?

Actually, as a Maryland resident, DC, MD and VA all have Good Samaritan laws. You can read about them here: