I am an adult, I do not personally know any of the stars of NCIS, the writers or any employee of CBS.  I make comments based upon my own personal observations and respect the comments of others EXCEPT when they are abusive and make personal attacks against other posters.   I live and work in the DC metro area, so I can speak with some authority regarding locations and geographical aspects.   I am highly educated, I am not a teenager posing as an adult, I am not trying to seek my own fifteen minutes of fame.  I know where I am in my life, and I enjoy a wonderful show called NCIS and yes, I am 100% pro-TIVA!
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NCIS Round Table: Paging Dr. Phil!

God I hope not. She definitely wasn't pregnant or looked like she had recently given birth when she accused Tony of murdering her father, although I do realize that TV land in no way resembles reality. That's a tired plot device, but then most of these eps are. I frankly can see her telling Tony they had a child, getting Tony into the "I'm a Dad" mode and then Tony finds out she lied about him being the father to hurt him again. GG did say it would not end happily for Tony. Or hopefully, she will die.


I think it keeps being brought up at this point due to CdP's recent interviews and her insistence that she was completely open to coming back as a guest and it was up to the show runners to extend the invite. It is clear that CBS has no issues with the actress, so it is not impossible to consider. Those of us who would like to see Ziva return in this capacity are seeing scenarios which would make sense for this to happen in light of the finale. Doesn't make us out of touch with reality or crazy or anti-Bishop or any other negative label others seem to delight in throwing onto Ziva fans. Will it happen? I seriously doubt it, but I would think it more plausible for Ziva to at least show up for one ep than for Gibbs to be dead.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 10 Review: House Rules

I think maybe Shannon wasn't shown because McGee never knew her. This was about his reminiscences to his Dad, not Gibbs'. I also think Vance was MIA because Rocky Carroll was probably prepping for his ep which he is directing, and just finished.