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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 105

Stefan: Oh my God!
Elena: I know, Stefan. She's lost so much blood, but I think we can still save her li---
Stefan: She's never going to be able to get that stain out of her shirt!
Elena: What?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 105

*hungry eyes begins to play downstairs*
Elena: Not funny, Damon!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 200

Chuck: What's that? (nods to paper in Nate's hand)
Nate: This is a letter from the woman I love.
Chuck: Serena?
Nate: Nope.
Chuck: Blair?
Nate: No.
Chuck: Ivy?
Nate: No way!
Chuck: Please tell me you aren't still stuck on Raina, Nathaniel.
Nate: No. Oh for Pete's sake, Chuck! It's Charlie, the real Charlie!
Chuck: Oh. We'd have been here for at least another hour before I ever got to her.
Nate: Why am I friends with you, again?
Chuck: Cause I let you borrow my clothes. You're wearing my sweater-vest and tie right now.
Nate: Oh, yeah. Thanks for that by the way. I look almost as good as you.
Chuck: Almost.