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I watched this show a few times and I found out it wasn't my cup of tea. I much prefer murder mysteries and true crime events. I couldn't believe that Jennifer would like portraying this character. I am glad that she is breaking loose in her own way but I still like her on "Ghost Whisperer".


I just love Criminal Minds. I fell in love with it the day I saw the first episode. I have been watching the reruns and older versions now and I can't wait every week for Weds.night. I hope that this is is just a vacation until next fall because I will be very upset if they cancel it. I will try to contact the studio to make sure that they come back.

Lost Girl Review: Sexy Wolf Man

I think that Kris Holden-Reid is such a hunk. When he was "healing" Bo I thought about me in her place (it is only TV) and it made me smile. They did a great job casting him as a werewolf, it really suits him.

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