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Body of Proof Review: Win At Your Own Risk

Love this show!

Castle Round Table: "The Blue Butterfly"

Awesome episode. 2 parter preview looks even better!!

Rizzoli & Isles Review: Daddy Issues

Jane and Dean will not marry, just because of the books. This series is different from the books. In the books Maura and Jane are just work friends, not close as in series. Frankie isn't even a cop in the books. I would like to see more of Casey, and even a Maura and Frankie hookup. I also think that Doyle will not be dead, Janet Tamaro even said she researched falls, and at what height someone could survive. I agree that Maura's adoptive mom will turn out to be her aunt, but I also think for once, Maura should be hurt by Doyle's enemy, she needs more action. Her Character is more interestiong than Jane's. One last comment though, why was Maura surprises when doyle showed her those pics in the hospital, he had already showed her them in the 1st season when she found out who he was. So that understanding of him caring, was already established.