I stumbled onto this site due to my love of the CW show Hart of Dixie. I also love Pan Am. Yes, I have a thing for underdogs. I used to be a fan fic writer for Third Watch back in the day. Now I write original fiction. I have one book published with another one in the works.

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Hart of Dixie Review: Caring Can Suck

I'm also glad they didn't drag out Zoe's leaving/not leaving. I loved that her father said he was proud of her for deciding to stay a GP. I know I'm the only one thinking this, but I wish they'd left the making up with her dad part last longer. Why? Because the daddy issues would have lead to spending more time with Brick. Wouldn't Lemon jump in the bay with Wade's Chevelle tied to her ankle if it looked like Zoe and Brick were dating?


You know what else I liked about this episode? Annabeth. I like how much backbone she's grown. I also like how Lemon and Zoe bond. It's so weird, but I think Zoe is Lemon's best friend. She's the only one to stand up to her and subsequently the only person Lemon opens up to and tells the real story. That preview were George and Zoe are on the verge of kissing - I think Zoe's going to say no because she's betraying Lemon. Also George thinks scoring with Zoe would be the thing that would hurt Lemon the most. Zoe's not going to let him use her like that. Is she? I hope not.


Am I the only one who wanted Jesse to say "challenge accepted" when Wade dared him to come back to Bluebell to take care of Crazy Earl? I really liked that character and I want him to come back. A lot. I love how he lit a fire under Wade and gave Zoe something to do besides moon over George. I liked how he helped Zoe find the hunting party. I liked Wade having a reason for staying in Bluebell other than lack of ambition. He stayed to take care of his dad when he was clearly capable of so much more. That back story helps me see him as less Peter Pan and more grown up making the best of a bad situation. We hadn't seen that before. Also, Jesse's easy on the eyes. Just sayin'.