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Actually, could it be Katherine!? we've known her since season 1? and she doesn't really have much purpose in the show anymore, unfortunately, so she would be an easy character to kill off. She might have a good reason to come back to Mystic Falls next episode?


You're all forgetting about Jeremy and this new danger he's becoming to everyone, especially his sister. It's only a matter of time before they have to do something about him. Unless they find some way to fix Jeremy, then killing him may be their only option? Before he kills one of them.

The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: B

Best Character: Caroline. Closely followed by Damon and Stefan. Caroline has been amazing this season so far, and so strong, especially all the drama with her Dad and Tyler. Then I love all the emotion Damon now shows - still keeping his bad guy attitude sometimes though! Perfect! And I also love Stefan as the cocky bad guy now! He was cute, but a bit of a bore before.. Worst Character: Bonnie. I find her very boring at the moment, and whenever we see her.. All she does is being miserable (fair enough Jeremy cheated on her but she's just getting boring) or she's either muttering a load of jibberish in spells. She needs more a plot, like in the past two seasons. Best Episode: "The Reckoning" - this episode kept me on edge constantly. So much happened - Tyler becoming a hybrid, Stefan feeding on Elena etc. and let's not forgot that cute scene with Damon and Elena (right before Stefan ruined the moment). Worst Episode: I've loved every episode so far, but "Homecoming" was a bit of a disappointment. I expected more 'OMG' moments. Although when Klaus staked his father was a bit of shocker and I wanted to see a bit more of Mikael. And I also wanted to see more with Rebekah and her father. She saw him at the start, had a go at him and that was it? Would of loved to see them be happy once again. And I didn't like Elena daggering Rebekah either. They were just hitting off a friendship there! Most Interesting Development: I think it's Stefan overall. Sometimes you can sense the humanity in him, starting to show again. But then being the bad boy again. You can tell he still feels in a way, and I find it very interesting. Biggest Surprise: this season has been full of surprises! I couldn't really pick. Although I was pretty shocked the first time I saw the tomb vampire on Ghost World appear. Best Bromance: Alaric and Damon! I love them two, and Damon doesn't really seem to have many people to turn to, apart from Elena. I just think they're great as friends - bit of a bummer when Damon killed Alaric a second time though. Most Misused Character: Katherine! I have learned to love that girl! Nina Dobrev plays her and Elena amazingly, and she was incredible in season 2. Just wish they could focus on her a bit more. Hopes for 2012: Delena! and ELIJAH. I loved him, and would love him and Rebekah to be reunited! also Tyler to get back to his old self, and improvement with his and Carolines relationship. I do find Klaus awesome, but I think he does need to be killed off at the end of the season. Please Vampire Diaries - make my hopes come true!