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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 223

Georgina: Dan, I love your hair! The muppet look is sooo in right now.
Dan: I am not pretending to be the father of another baby, Georgina.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 222

Blair: Chuck, Serena and I are not going to have sex, so you can go.
Serena: We're not?


Probably the best for them, but since it's the last season (and not even a full one) I want as much Chair air time as possible.

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Blair's priest?!?

Did anyone other than me think that the priest Blair was seeing works with the priest Beatrice was kissing in that limo? Maybe, Beatrice's priest will find out that Blair is coming to the church, and he and Beatrice will plot against her in some way.....anyone agree?

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