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New Gossip Girl Season 6 Trailer: OMSG!

Question: Who's making out at the 15-second mark? Ok, is it just me or that looks a lot like Rufus and Ivy??


I'm still not sure that this wasn't some kind of red herring but if it isn't then there has to be another A. First because I don't think Toby would ever wear a jacket like the one whoever visited mona at the end of season two had and there's something i found odd too in this episode. If we already knew the identity of the other A (A.K.A. Toby) why would he use some kind of voice modifier to get those tickets to the Halloween party?

The Glee Project Review: Take A Bow

I can't even believe that they picked Abraham or Lily over Nellie. Really? Ryan said that from now on he's going to choose those he thinks are best for the show and will potentially have a better role and he cuts Nellie that same week? I mean she's the only one there you can truly connect with and find yourself rooting for. Just because she's not histerical or isn't always saying how bad she wants that guest starring role she gets cut? I can't bring myself to care about either of the shows now that the possibility of Nellie being on Glee is out of the picture. But since Ryan made the most stupid decision of his life and we can't go back I hope Blake wins but if he doesn't who really cares? I know I sure as hell don't.

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