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NCIS Season 11 Premiere to Be Titled ...

i love ziva, but if they are going to have another woman in the team eventually maybe they should look at prentiss from criminal minds, ncis is my favorite show, i watched crim minds off and on, mostly off since prentiss left, i dont like her replacement, so i do hope that ncis does not pick someone like that to fill zivas spot. marge

NCIS Round Table: "Seek"

ncis is my favorite show, so far cbs hasnt really done too much to mess with it i hope they dont like they do with so many others. i reall like that gibbs and vance are showing a much closer relationship i think that is good for the team and everything else they were getting there before vance lost jackie, so pleas keep that part up. marge

CBS Announces Season Finale Air Dates

i also like csi:ny, and the last show about mac getting marrried and lindsey preg again. i heard the only reason harper is on a new show is because his contract expired so he left, i havent heard about anyone elses contracts expiring so unless the shwo actually gets cancelled i hope the rest stay on till then and when it does finally end it ends with a team effort ending. i agree with kimville as to not shortening seasons of ncis, poi, crim minds, csi, elementary, you can keep golden boy, so far cbs is the best i hope you keep it that way.marge