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Glee Sneak Peek: Hit By a Smooth Criminal!

WOW.. One of the best performances ever in Glee.

Glee Review: We Can Burn Brighter

I've watched all the episodes from Glee and I was really starting to get bored and tired of the show repeating itself. When the Glee Project came, I loved it! I was really exited about Glee once again. I was team Damian & Lindsay all the way (I had never heard of Celtic Thunder before) and now I'm not just a bit dissapointed. Although Lindsay won just a two episode arc, she has been a muchh brighter star than Damian. I feel a bit sad for him. His character sucks and I don't want to see Rory more. But I do want to see Damian more. So please, make his character better! I get that this show is about underdogs but right now being normal feels like being a underdog.. So please, at least make Rory "normal".